Student of the Month

Louis KnechtCongratulations to Louis Knecht for being nominated by Mr. Chase for Student of the Month.  Louis is an amazing man.  He always does the right thing and is always prepared for class.  Louis is respectful of others and leads by example.  He is a great young man and is a great model for all our youth to follow.  Louis always goes above and beyond to meet expectations.

Louis feels very honored and thankful to be nominated.  He is thankful to have a teacher and coach to be such a great role model in my life as Mr. Chase is.  Some of his favorite things are steak, the color red, the movie "American Sniper", the book "Gym Candy", hunting and his favorite class is M.S.I.

Louis is the son of Dan & Jodie Knecht of Weyauwega.

Levi ErdmannCongratulations to Levi Erdmann for being nominated by Mr. Chase as Student of the Month.  ERDY-Dogy is always prepared for class and does an outstanding job.  He goes above the average to always to his best.  His positive personality is contagious.  I immensely enjoy having Levi  in class.

Levi is very grateful that Mr. Chase selected him for this award.  Some of his favorite things are chicken wings, the color blue, the movie "The Big Lebowski", the book "Harry Potter", he likes football, and his favorite class is chemistry.

Levi is the son of Holly & Blaine Erdmann of Scandinavia.

Gavin CurtisCongratulations to Gavin Curtis for being nominated by Joe Sambs as Student of the Month.  Gavin is a polite young man that always has a positive attitude.  He is a a good leader in and out of class.  He asks great questions in class and always keeps the discussion interesting.  

Gavin feels amazing to have been here all four years of high school and I finally did it.  YES!  Some of his favorite things are Mexican food, the movie "Cars 3", the color orange, hunting, his favorite book is the Bible and his favorite class is math (obviously).

Gavin is the son of Jim & Tammy Curtis of Shiocton.

Padriac HickeyCongratulations to Padriac Hickey for being nominated by Mrs. Suehs for Student of the Month.  Paddy is a very respectable young man with a lot of potential.  He is always helping other students and showing them that they are important.  Paddy is a fine musician and works very hard at his vocal music.  If I need help with anything he is the first to lend a hand.  He goes out of his way to make his classmates feel good about themselves.  Paddy is huge asset to our choir program and our school.

To be honest, I don’t know  what to say?  I am surprised to receive this.  I guess I have one thing to say, but on the other hand , you have different fingers.  Some of my favorite things are Pad Thai, the movie "Perks of being a Wallflower", his favorite book is "White Rabbit Chronicles", the color blue, writing, and class Independent studies.

Padriac is the son of Brenda Hickey & Michael Hickey of Weyauwega.